Diamond 4C Tire Technology for TECHKING TBR Off-Road Tires

Why Diamond 4C?

Cut Resistance

Ground Contact Patch

Crown Sym-Growth

Reinforced Carcass

Development Background

Developed based on the challenges faced by the metal mining industry in South America, Diamond4C tire technology is designed to tackle the harsh conditions of mining environments head-on. Our innovative solution addresses the common issues of crown explosions, tire cutting, chipping, rapid tread wear, and uneven wear that plague the sector. In addition, our TBR off-road tires applied the technology are built to last, decreasing the need for frequent replacements and minimizing interruptions to your operations. It also meets the high demand for retreading capacity in the mining industry, offering a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution that extends lifespan and reduces waste.

R & D Process

R&D Goal

Technical Innovations

Design Enhancements

Lab Testing Achievements

Diamond 4C Tires: The Superior Tire Technology

Diamond 4C Tires are an exceptional choice for superior performance and durability. The new tire technology is engineered to provide features that enhance their overall quality and lifespan.



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