10 Year's Efforts in Global Market

10 Year's Serving for Big End Users

The Biggest Coal Mine in Indonesia

23.5R25 ETD2S Indonesia
20.5R25 ETD2S Indonesia

2nd Biggest Cement Company

29.5R25 ETADT

2nd Biggest Gold Mining Company

35/65R33 ETNT, Australia
23.5R25 ETDL5, Peru

1st Building materials Industry

3rd Biggest Port

14.00R25 ETGC

The Biggest Mining Contractor

29.5R25 ETDL5 Indonesia
35/65R33 ETDL5 Indonesia

1st Biggest Steel and Mining Company

24.00R35 ETDT2 Kazakhstan
21.00R35 ETDT Kazakhstan

3rd Biggest Mining Company

29.5R25 ET6A, South Africa

6th Biggest Copper Company

26.5R25 ETDL Kazakhstan
29.5R25 ETSM Kazakhstan

The Biggest Iron ore producers and suppliers in Europe