Techking Tire Intelligent Control System

Tire air pressure

Vehicle location

Tire temperature

Vehicle running distance

Vehicle running speed

Tire wearing status


Installation method: paste

Pressure Range:0~13Bar

Temperature Range:-40~125℃

Weight: less than 30g

RFID: The tire number is stored and can be read by mobile phone

Built-in Radio: Real-time data transmission to on-board equipment

Waterproof and dustproof design

Battery life: more than 3 years

Suitable for all tubeless tires


Installation Method: Fixed in the cab

Safety Monitoring: Abnormal pressure and temperature will cause sound and light alarm

Built-in GSM/ GPS

Receive data: the sensor data is received by wireless in real time

Upload data: mileage, position, pressure, temperature, wear, speed etc.

Voltage: DC9- 30V