Techking Service Engineer Creates Value for African Customers
2022 - 03 - 22549

The impact of the new Omicron epidemic on the global economy has always been a hot topic in various industries. The epidemic has affected global business activities and even caused economic activity to stagnate in some areas. Facing this dilemma, Techking has been working hard to find a breakthrough and provide continuous after-sales service for overseas markets.

From November 2021, Leon, who is the after-sales service engineer of Techking, has carried out on-site service on the African continent for more than four months. One of his job sites is the largest copper mine in Zambia. In order to obtain the first-hand data of tire performance more comprehensively and continuously, he went down to investigate the road conditions, check tire appearance, and provide guidance on air pressure maintenance for customers. 

"It's exciting to see that Techking tires work well in different locations," Leon said. As an after-sales service engineer for Techking, he spends half of each year visiting different mines around the world. "Although there are always unexpected difficulties during on-site visits, especially in areas with epidemics. But when I see the smiles of our customers, I feel that all my efforts paid off." Leon said.

In its "Three-lever" business model, Techking takes service as one of the company's key development directions. In the future, Techking will continue building a professional service system, improving the professional ability of the service team, and providing end users with more valuable tire application solutions.


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