Techking Tires’ First Trial In Namibia
2022 - 05 - 24229

Techking has entered early and started the business in more than 20 African countries, such as South Africa, Angola, Cote d'Ivoire, DRC, etc. Still and all, Techking is always seeking partnership possibilities in the continent. In 2021, Namibia has finally opened its door for Techking.

In Namibia, most of the roads are gravel roads that request stronger tire structure and tire carcass. Techking 315/80R22.5 TKAM II S and SUPER DM II S are promoted very popularly in the TBR part, and Techking MATE series tires are widely recommended on construction sites. With the arrival of these testing tires in the warehouse, we were thrilled to start Techking tires’ first trial in Namibia!

A Namibian customer who is occupied in a local road maintenance business chooses to test Techking 17.5R25 MATE L3 on one of their Caterpillar C motor graders, to repair different kinds of roads. As we all know that African land is quite immense, every day, this customer has to drive the grader for almost 1 one hour, to arrive at the construction site. But this kind of challenge didn’t pose any problem to 17.5R25 MATE L3 at all. 17.5R25 MATE L3 is widely mounted on graders for off-road working conditions. This product has a better traction performance and a better wear-resistant performance due to the special tread formula and block pattern design. After a long-time period of trial, with a successive performance tracking by the Techking team, this Namibian customer was satisfied with Techking products in the end and decided to place a new order of Techking tires.

In April 2022, Techking’s Namibian partner received one container of the tire and put them in their warehouse. While unloading these tires, they looked around the cargo and check very carefully the tires’ appearance, and are satisfied with these new arriving tires.

Thanks to the Techking partner’s effort, these ready stocks can meet the local customer very soon. At the same time, Techking helps them also arrange some marketing activities for sales, we design different promotional materials such as posters and banners, etc. Techking will work closely with Namibian customers and provide them with excellent tire solutions according to their needs.


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