Market Exposure: Techking Participated in Mine Entra 2023 in Zimbabwe
2023 - 11 - 23519

To further enhance Techking's brand image and increase market exposure, Techking has been actively participating in local exhibitions in South East Africa since September 2023, in collaboration with local partners.

Techking recently took part in the Mining Engineering & Transportation Expo in Zimbabwe from 1st to 3rd November. During the exhibition, Techking showcased its popular product, Techking 14.00R25 ETOH, which is extensively used in Chinese wide-body dump trucks. By examining the samples on-site, visitors can easily discern details of our tires such as heat-releasing grooves and big block design. Furthermore, they can gain a tactile understanding of the tire's structure by closely inspecting the tire carcass and tire bead.

"Through this collaborative exhibition, we aim to assist our partner in identifying potential opportunities and to raise awareness among more local companies about our capabilities and the value we can provide," stated Jack, the country manager of Techking in Zimbabwe.

In addition to the tires used on Chinese wide-body dump trucks, Techking experts also presented the main products for ADT and loaders. Giant OTR tires, including sizes such as 27.00R49, 33.00R51, and 37.00R57 also get lots of inquiries during the exhibition.

Right tire to the right application, Techking is committed to providing application-specific and trustworthy tires for end users all over the world. We are looking forward to meeting you soon!


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