New Product 12.00R20 ETOD Ready to Be Tested in Uganda
2021 - 11 - 041091

On 18th Oct. 2020, Techking’s Uganda partner received a container of 12.00R20 ETOD after waiting for 2 months. “We are very satisfied with the tires’ appearance. These tires are very clean and strong. We will fit them on our dump trucks asap”, the site manager said.

In Uganda, 12.00R20 tires are widely used on dump trucks for construction and mining purposes. Compared with the ETFN U pattern we supplied previously, ETOD has the below improvements:

1. Its tread depth is 26mm, about 30% deeper.

2. Its upgraded traction pattern provides better traction and longer mileage.

3. Its tire structure is much stronger and can afford 160% loading capacity.

Techking will work together with Uganda partner to track tire performance and share with more customers.


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