Techking Helps Cameroon Timber Transportation Customer Optimize the Total Cost of Ownership of Tires
2023 - 02 - 081017

Cameroon has rich forest resources that account for 11.95% of the world's tropical forest areas. It decides that there are many timber transportation companies in the country. On 25 October 2022, sales representatives and engineers of Techking visited an end user who started the cooperation with our local dealer in 2012 with 36 vehicles and now owns a large log transportation fleet.

During our communication, we learnt that the working conditions in his area are severe and present enormous challenges to tire performance. The climate of the tropical rainforest is hot all year round. The temperature is usually still above 30℃ after the rain. Because of the long transportation distance, tires accumulate too much heat, which inevitably increases the possibility of separation. Last but not least, the rugged uphill and downhill forestry roads become muddy during the rains and worsen the cuts and punctures. In a word, tires used in this area must have well-balanced heat dissipation and cut-resistant performance. The end user also told us that only 20% of the tires he used before could stand the above challenges.

As a leading tire solution provider, Techking has a distinguished advantage in designing application-specific tire solutions. We recommended a package of tires to help the end user prolong tire life and reduce the total cost of ownership - 11R22.5 TKAM C+ for logging trailers, 13R22.5 TKAM III and SUPER DM for wood tucks.

According to the data collected, 80% of Techking tires can reach the level of worn out. The end user is satisfied with our tire performance. Techking takes about 40% of this end user's annual needs of 13R22.5 tires and 80% of 11R22.5 tires now.

Besides learning the detailed working conditions, Techking engineers also helped discover deficiencies in tire maintenance and gave professional suggestions. For example, the inflation pressure of the tires in service was lower than our recommended one. As we know, insufficient air pressure may result in sidewall separation, bead burst and run flat. Therefore, we advised the end user to inflate to at least 8.5 bar when the trucks carry a standard load and check and record the inflation pressure twice a week. Moreover, we also found the problem of mounting tires on rims of the wrong size. By explaining the correct match of tire size and rim size, we are confident that our tire life can be even longer and our end user can also save more on tire cost.

As a crucial part of Techking's localized marketing system, we attach great importance to the market insights of important segmented markets. With our end users' synergy, we will learn more about the working conditions, provide application-specific tire solutions to end users and help them optimize their total cost of ownership of tires.

If you are also interested in improving yours, please do not hesitate to reach out. Our Techking experts are always at your service!


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