Techking Customized Tires for XCMG Graders to Rio Tinto for the Second Time
2022 - 03 - 17798

Under the warm sun in winter, with the roar of the engine, Rio Tinto’s customized version of the global super-large mining XCMG grader of GR5505 passed through the centre of the stage. Under the joint attention of both parties, it embarked on the journey to Australia.

This is another breakthrough of XCMG in the field of super-large mining graders since the customized grader equipment GR2605 in September 2020. Compared with the previous GR2605 grader, the new prototype GR5505 has the more powerful horsepower and has made technological breakthroughs in environmental adaptability of high temperature and high dust, human-machine comfort, equipment safety, low maintenance time, and high availability.

Due to the stringent requirements of the Australian market and Rio Tinto’s high standards, the above two graders are both customized products designed by XCMG based on user needs. In order to meet the special needs of XCMG graders and Rio Tinto’s working conditions, Techking has also carried out customized tire research and development for them twice. GR2605 uses Techking 17.5R25 MATE E3L3 tires, while the GR5505 delivered this time is equipped with Techking 29.5R29 ETD2 L5 tires, which can carry its stronger body weight and meet high horsepower requirements.

In fact, Techking has a long history of cooperation with XCMG and Rio Tinto. As early as 2015, Techking realized cooperation with Rio Tinto and signed a strategic cooperation agreement in 2019. The cooperation with XCMG can date back to 2012. At that time, Techking equipped tires for XCMG’s world's largest 150-ton off-road crane. This time, the world's two top mining companies and construction machinery equipment manufacturers have combined their strengths and have more stringent requirements for customized tires. The super engineering tire customization ability that Techking has shown before makes the two parties both choose Techking.

2021 is a historic year for XCMG. This year, XCMG both won first place in the "2021 Top 10 Global Mobile Crane Manufacturers" and ICM20 "World's Largest Crane Manufacturers" ranking. In the "2020 Top 50 Global Construction Machinery Manufacturers" released by KHL, XCMG jumped from the seventh in 2017 to the third this year.

Behind these supreme honours, Techking has also had the honour to participate in it, using customized tires to help it to reach the top of the world. In fact, not only XCMG, but also the entire Chinese construction machinery enterprises are emerging in the global market, and some of their products already had unique advantages or even achieved the first patent around the world. Coupled with the rapid advancement of the new development pattern of dual circulation at home and abroad, the supply chain of the construction machinery industry has also put forward higher requirements for parts companies including Techking, and also provided greater opportunities. Techking believes that in the future, the market will be further subdivided, and the "Tiger Balm" products will be gradually replaced, which will further increase the demand for special products and scene-based customized products.

Under the general trend of dual circulation at home and abroad, along with the overseas construction machinery, Techking’s route of the customized tire has been recognized by more and more users. In the future, Techking will continue to strengthen the brand road of Chinese tires in the dual-cycle era, we also look forward to continuing to explore more possibilities for invisible champions in the tire segment.


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