TECHKING 12.00R20 ETOD and ETFN U Perform Well in Uganda
2022 - 03 - 21562

On 18 October 2021, Techking’s Uganda partner received a container of 12.00R20 ETOD and ETFN U.

In December 2021, our end user mounted ETOD and ETFN U tires on trucks for a road-building project. Those 8x4 dump trucks transport earth and stones from the loading area to the dumping area about ten to twenty kilometres away. The roads covered by gravel became a significant challenge to our tires' performance.

On 22 December, after using ETOD and ETFN U for almost one month, the site manager sent us his feedback on tire performance. By that time, 12.00R20 ETOD and ETFN U had run for 7000km. All tires worked very well.

Compared with tires from other brands, ETOD and ETFN U show more even tread wear. Their anti-puncture performance is also good enough to handle severe road conditions.

“I will continue to track tire performance and give you the feedback every month,” the site manager said. He is very confident that ETOD and ETFN U tires can help the end user improve their working efficiency during their lifetime.


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