TIKS Contributes to CREC Guangzhou Metro Project
2022 - 03 - 23452

Recently, Techking completed the upgrade of the tire management system for the girder carriers used in the Guangzhou high-speed railway construction project of CREC. Techking’s TIKS is with the latest RS485 communication data transmission protocol, which perfectly inherits the advantages of high reliability, simple structure, and fast transmission speed of the RS485 communication interface. It realizes the perfect integration of the girder carriers and the tire management system.

These girder carriers are used to support the construction of Guangzhou Metro Line 11. Due to the complicated construction environment and the heavyweight of the equipment itself, it has very high requirements on the stability and cushioning performance of the tires. After inspecting the job site, the Techking R&D team suggested the Techking 26.5R25 MATE E3L3 tires for this application. Their innovative tread formula and pattern design provide superior load-carrying capacity and wear resistance.

According to the feedback from the engineers who investigated the site, when the girder carrier operates, once the load is higher than the standard load, the sidewalls of the tire will be deformed to buffer the excess load. In another case, when the tire pressure is lower than the recommended air pressure, the sidewalls of the tires will also deform. These two situations are not easy to distinguish. If the treatment is not standardized or the discovery is not timely, it will not only lead to a rapid increase in the internal temperature of the tire and cause early damage to the tire, but also increase the safety hazard of construction and thereby affects the overall operational efficiency.

TIKS, which blesses the new model of girder carriers used for high-speed railway construction, realizes the dual guarantee of tires and intelligent services. TIKS can automatically monitor the temperature, pressure, speed, mileage, and other data of tires. The operator can obtain real-time tire data directly through the service screen in the cab. Taking advantage of its GPS function, computers can remotely monitor and automatically generate data analyses reports and implement predictive maintenance on the management side. It will also provide support for the safe operation of the equipment, the smooth construction of the project, the extension of the tire life to a greater extent, and the reduction of the probability of downtime.

Through real-time monitoring of tire data, TIKS can effectively solve the problem that tire deformation is difficult to identify during operation. Then we can extend tire life, reduce operating costs, and allow customers to use tires more safely and efficiently. Creating Value for our customers has always been the principle to which Techking has always adhered. In the future, Techking will not stop moving forward and continue bringing better tire and service experience to our customers.


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