TECHKING 29.5R29 ETSM Perform Well in Zambian Copper Mine
2022 - 03 - 24417

As one of the most professional and time-honoured underground mining tire solution providers, Techking has supplied its underground tire to both leading machinery manufacturers and big end users to help them save the total cost of ownership of tires and improve operation efficiency.

Given the severe working condition in this segment market, Techking engineers consistently make insights and innovate new technologies to maximize the value we can create for our end users.

In October 2021, one of the largest underground copper mines in Zambia started to test four pieces of 29.5R29 ETSM tires. The working condition in this mine is extreme. The roads are full of sharp hard rocks that could easily cut or puncture tires. Most of the roads are flooded. More than 70% of the roads have a slope of around 10 degrees.

To cope with such extreme working conditions, Techking engineers equipped 29.5R29 ETSM with an upgraded cut-resistant compound and reinforced durability created by our new curing method.

After running for three months, some 29.5R29 ETSM tires had run for 1400 hours with about 40% of their original tread depth left. This result has achieved the same level of tires from tier-1 brand B. With proper tire maintenance and more on-site service, we are confident that the average final tire life of 29.5R25 ETSM can be much higher than its premium competitors.


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