8.25R16 TK4L Won Recognition for Excellent Performance in Pakistan
2022 - 04 - 29218

In Pakistan's light truck market, the heavy-loading requirements and complex road conditions pose a big challenge to tire performance, especially in the condition of high speed and long one-way distances. Therefore, tires for this market must have both good heat resistance and cut resistance. Besides, the light trucks in Pakistan can be loaded up to 250% of their standard load capacity, which requires also strong tire beads and carcasses. But now, most tires in the market can hardly meet the real needs of customers.

At the end of 2021, after making deep market insights into the Pakistani light truck market, Techking launched its customized 250% extra-high load-carrying tire pattern TK4L in Pakistan. Thanks to its great longevity, exceptional load capacity and well-balanced heat/cut resistance, TECHKING 8.25R16 TK4L tires have been highly appreciated in the light truck market of Pakistan since the very beginning.

After complete trial tests, all local end users are satisfied with our tires' impressive performance. 8.25R16 TK4L greatly improved transportation efficiency, and more importantly, reduced the total cost of ownership for them.

In the future, the local Techking team will keep investing in R&D according to local working conditions so that our new tires can perfectly match the needs and pain points of local end users.

If you have any specific niche demand in segmented markets, please do not hesitate to reach your contact in Techking. We are looking forward to working together and creating more value for more end users.


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