Heroes In Harm's Way - Techking’s DRC Team Provided Professional On-site Service
2022 - 05 - 19308

On April 13th, 2022, the Techking team visited an end-user who mainly uses SANY SKT90S off-highway wide-body dump trucks to transport ores in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Recently, we received some complaints from him saying that the standard tires on the trucks have tread separation problems within two months. Therefore, Techking local team members made an appointment immediately to investigate and solve them.

Soon after arriving at the job site and collecting data from the scrap yard, Techking engineer Leon concluded that these problems were caused by improper tire matches between the standard tires and the working conditions of the job site.

As the strategic partner of SANY, Techking supplied 16.00R25 SUPER ETOT which was designed for normal roads and short one-way distances as the standard tire of SKT90S. But when it comes to this job site, we noticed that its one-way distance is about 5km. In this situation, the tread separation could happen due to excessive heat accumulation. This was also proved by scrapped tires of another brand found in the scrap yard.

After knowing the cause, Leon recommended the end-user to firstly replace SUPER ETOT tires with the newly designed ET668 tires to guarantee the current working rate. Compared with SUPER ETOT, ET668's horizontal grooves, thicker rubber between steel belts, and U-shaped open shoulder grooves can effectively improve heat dissipation and reduce the possibility of tread separation. Its reinforced tread design can also reduce the possibility of explosion and provide overall operational safety.

Despite the COVID-19 epidemic raging on every continent, Techking's DRC local team is overcoming all difficulties and working on-site to provide professional and comprehensive services for all our local customers. With the continuous support of technical experts and innovations, Techking will insist on its 'Three-lever' business philosophy and accommodate our end users with more value-added and diversified professional tire solutions according to their needs.


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