A Big Hit - Techking Tires were Widely Accepted in Angola
2022 - 06 - 1550

Techking tires have been well accepted in the Angola market since 2020. After two years of effort, we have developed some loyal customers from the construction, mining, and logistics industries. As a professional tire solution provider, Techking's reliable products and on-site services are bringing more and more customers to us.

"Yesterday, we obtained four containers of Techking TBR and OTR tires and stored them in our warehouse. Long before their arrival, our end users had placed orders for them. Today, we have already sold 90% of these tires. We will be busy delivering tires to the customers these days", said Paul, General Manager of our Angola partner. As the rainy season will end soon, the construction and mining projects will increase. It means that the market demand for new tires will also increase.

To better serve our customers in Angola, Techking will guarantee prompt tire delivery to all customers and avoid the status of stock shortages. In the long run, our joint employees will work together with our partners to visit end-users frequently to track tire performance and provide on-site services when needed. United as one team, we are confident that we will get a larger share in the segment market and build a better brand reputation in Angola.


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