12.00R24 ETFN U Started a New Trial in Oman
2022 - 06 - 2346

On February 26, 2022, the Techking local team received the first inspection report of 12.00R24 ETFN U tires from our Omani customer who started the trial test in January 2022. EFTN U has a tread width of 250mm and a tread depth of 23mm. Its reinforced tire carcass and excellent retreadability give it longer service life.

Running around 43% on-road and 57% off-road during 45 days, ETFN U tires have run for 7285km with a remaining tread depth of 19mm. According to our observance, the tread wear is quite smooth and without any tread chipping or cuts on the sidewall. 

Based on the current situation, the total service life of these tires could reach 40854km in 8 months and a half with a remaining tread of 2mm. As it is just at the beginning of the test, we estimate that the final mileage will be much longer than 40854km.

The Techking team will work closely with our Omani customer to follow up on the tire performance by visiting the customer regularly to collect more data. We are happy to get this trial opportunity in Oman and looking forward to benefiting more end-users in the future! 


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