Do with Responsibility! - Techking is Always on the Way to Giving Back
2022 - 07 - 07263

On July 1, the Techking team came to Jiudian Town, in Pingdu City, to carry out the signing of the charity project for the campus construction of Jiudian Primary School. On behalf of all employees, Techking donated 100,000RMB to the school for the expansion of the campus and also for the purchasing of teaching materials. The purpose is to provide a much better learning environment for those local students. It is also an opportunity for Techking to practice the business purpose of "Contributing to the Progress of the Society" with actions.

Knowing the profound impact of education on children and youth, Techking has always been committed to educational charity programs by donating to different schools and helping children of poor areas in China since its establishment. In 2020, Techking established a Special Research Fund at Qingdao University of Science and Technology, which will be used for the research and development of rubber technology.

Following the epidemic situation, Techking created Techking Fund under the Qingdao Weichen Charitable Foundation and donated 600,000 RMB for the purchasing of medical prevention materials, all those materials went to schools or hospitals to help students, teachers, and medical staff. More globally, Techking links always with customers and end-users to help carry through this global epidemic.

Do with responsibility! Techking will devote itself to the public welfare, and practice more social responsibility of the enterprise in the future. Contributing to the social welfare and giving back to the society that supports us a lot as much as Techking can!


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