Right Tire to Right Application - 29.5R25 ETADT in South Africa
2022 - 08 - 30111

At the beginning of March, one of Techking South African customers ordered eight pieces of 29.5R25 PROADT for the testing on his Bell ADTs. Due to the high popularity of E3 products in South Africa, some suppliers or sales reps prefer selling E3 tires regardless of the working conditions of different mines.

During the conversation with our local customer, we learned that these tires would work at a chromite mine with lots of hard ores and immediately realized that probably PROADT was not the right tire for this application. Such harsh working conditions require the tires to have better cut-resistance performance.

To verify our ideas, the Techking sales team visited this chromite mine and checked the working conditions carefully. The information we collected confirmed our ideas. Our customer also decided to replace PROADT tires (E3/L3) with ETADT tires (E4). Compared with PROADT, ETADT's deeper tread depth and wider footprints can provide better cut and puncture resistance performance.

After running for two months and serving around 1000 hours on site, the worn-out rate of these ETADT tires reached 30%. Their estimated service life is about 3500 hours. Being satisfied with the performance of Techking 29.5R25 ETADT tires, our local customer ordered another twenty pieces recently.

We always say in Techking - Right Tire to Right Application! We believe that application-specific tire and service solutions can help our customers reduce downtime and get a more competitive CPH.


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