18.00R25 ETSM Case Study in Mexican Underground Silver-Gold Mine Remarkable Longevity & 21% CPH Savings
The Background

Changing tires for underground machinery is particularly difficult and time-consuming. 

For underground jobs, tires that provide competitive cost-effectiveness, minimized downtime, exceptional service life and foolproof maintenance procedures can guarantee the utmost operational safety and efficiency, which means higher profitability to end-users.

In the following silver-gold mine we will study, TECHKING 18.00R25 ETSM tires were tested by one of the leading mining companies in Mexico and presented more competitive test results in CPH compared with tires from a premium brand. 

The end-user was also impressed by Techking team’s professionalism of sales and services.

The Challenge
  • Extreme road conditions
  • Insufficient tire maintenance knowledge
The Solution

In June of 2019, the test of 4pcs of TECHKING 18.00R25 ETSM was finished in this underground silver-gold mine.

The average final tire life of Techking tires is 1619hrs, i.e. 86% of what was achieved by competitor tires from tier-1 brand B.

In terms of CPH, TECHKING 18.00R25 ETSM can help the end-user reduce total operational costs by about 21%.

The Future

Appreciating our tires’ performance and Techking team’s professionalism, the end-user signed a service contract of 2021 with us to further extend our partnership.

Service delivers excellence. We believe that we can create more value for our end-user by providing professional onsite services.