385/65R22.5 TKSW IV Case Study in Ghanaian Transportation Application Great Longevity, Competitive CPKM & Professional Services
The Background

The end user mentioned in this case study is a local logistics company that owns fifty fuel tanker trailers to haul oil and fuel to any point in Ghana. The haul road is about 80% on-road and 20% off-road. Around 85km of the haul road has severe conditions, such as potholes, undulation and off-road conditions. The maximum one-way distance is about 500km, but usually, the drivers stop every 100km for a rest.

Regarding competitor brands, the end user uses both premium brands and budget ones. But considering the tire performance and CPKM as a package, the end user still wants a more competitive brand to improve the total cost of ownership.

The Challenge
  • Partial Severe Road Conditions
  • Insufficient Tire Management
The Solution

According to the data collected, 12 pieces of TECHKING 385/65R22.5 TKSW IV tires have been running for 10113km on average. All tires are in good condition. The final tire life of these tires is expected to reach 73141km, i.e. even longer than our premium competitors.

Our end user is satisfied with TKAW IV's better performance and more competitive CPKM.

Besides the above two aspects, the Techking team also visited our end user in October to provide value-added tire maintenance services. There we emphasized the importance of regular air pressure checks to avoid underinflation. The end user also decides to add tire repairing tools and equipment to improve tire management.

The Future

Valuing our tire performance and professional services, the end user placed several new orders on 385/65R22.5 TKSW IV. In the future, as the in-depth implementation of Techking's localization strategy in Ghana, we look forward to creating more value for our end users.