40.00R57 ET304 Case Study in Uzbekistani Open-Pit Gold Mine Exceptional Service Life & 26% CPKM Savings
The Background

Tire costs take the major share of the total costs of mines. 

Choosing the right tires and comprehensive tire solutions which can bring maximized safety and cost-effectiveness become a prominent part of the successful management of a mine.

In the following gold mine, TECHKING 40.00R57 ET304 tires provide similar service life and operational safety compared with tires from premium brands and meanwhile help the mine reduce operational costs.

The Challenge
  • Long one-way distance
  • High surface temperature
  • Severe road conditions
The Solution

The first batch of TECHKING 40.00R57 ET304 tires was mounted in Sept. 2020. 

Till Jan. 2021, 11 pieces of tires out of 12 were worn out and reached an average final tire life of 62082km. It’s about 94% of which was made by tires from the premium brand. 

TECHKING 40.00R57 ET304 can help the end-user reduce total operational costs by about 26%.

The Future

Appreciating TECHKING 40.00R57 ET304’s competitive CPKM, this end-user gives 25% of its total annual tire demand (both giant OTR tires and conventional OTR tires) to Techking in 2020. If Techking tires perform stably in 2020, a bigger share will be given to Techking in 2022.

Techking has formed a team of sales representatives, product managers, engineers and supply chain managers. This team will provide all-around services to create more value for our end-user. 

With the ease of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Techking team will travel to Uzbekistan to check tire performance on-site.