35/65R33 Large Underground Tires Case Study in DRC Copper Mine REAL SAVING – UNDERGROUND TIRES
The Background

Based on the strategic partnership with a leading mining contractor in China, Techking started the tests of its underground tires in this copper mine in 2017. In recent years, the strong recovery of the mining industry pushed mine owners to upgrade their fleets with larger heavy equipment. It also brings Techking new opportunities to make the most of its engineering advantages in large underground tires.

After years of stable supplement and professional on-site tire management services, Techking large underground tires outperformed its competitors and won the trust of mine owners nationwide.

The Challenge
  • High Abnormal Failure Rate of Tires
  • Tread Cuts Caused by Severe Working Conditions
  • Insufficient Air Pressure Management
The Solution

From Dec. 2021 to Apr. 2022, the Techking engineer team worked on the job site for 156 hours in 13 days, trained 20 local staff and fixed eight tire maintenance problems for our end user. Such value-added services impressed our end user and further improved his trust in Techking.

In the past, the end user mainly used L5 tires with a pattern on their LHDs. Techking analyzed the working conditions and recommended the more suitable L5S slick tires to the end user to reduce the tires’ failure rate and improve their total cost of ownership. Currently, about 80% of the end user’s LHDs are running with TECHKING ETSM tires that greatly improve operational efficiency.

What’s more, by on-site training and daily communications on tire maintenance, our end user increased the tire pressure compliance rate by 20%.

The Future

Through the continuous improvement of our product performance, we will keep helping our end user reduce the frequency of tire replacement, improve tire service life, reduce downtime costs, and make sure that he can complete his operation on time.