24.00R35 SUPER RDT in Russian Coal Mine Constant Product Iteration for More Value
The Background

Techking has been providing professional tire solutions and service to this coal mine since 2016. 

At that moment, the end user was using tires from premium brand M but was unsatisfied with the CPKM because the tires' open full-depth tread grooves were easily stuck by stones and this caused steel belt damage and finally shortened tire life. Therefore, the end user chose TECHKING ETDT and ETDT2 for fewer stuck stones and lower CPKM.

As Techking's R&D on its 'Generation II' RDT tires goes forward, 24.00R35 SUPER RDT was recommended to this end user for better cut-resistant performance, longer service life and even lower CPKM.

The Challenge
  • Reduction of Stuck Stones in Tread Grooves Required
  • Exceptional Cut-resistant Performance Required
The Solution

In this coal mine, TECHKING 24.00R35 SUPER RDT tires' average final tire life reached 105000km, about 24% longer than what was achieved by ETDT tires. 

Compared with the performance of tires from Tire-1 brand M, 24.00R35 SUPER RDT reached its 88% in terms of the average final tire life and cut CPKM at a saving of 7%. Our end user is very satisfied with the above results as well as our tires' stable performance.

The Future

Techking will keep providing upgraded tire solutions and on-site service to end users to create more value, following the guidance of the company's new 'Three Levers' business model of proceeding with integrated product development, building localized marketing channels and providing professional services.