12.00R24 ETOT III Case Study in Peruvian Copper Mine $962K Saved per Year! Techking Creates Higher Value than the Premium Competitor
The Background

The end user is the primary contractor in Peru, which has 32 years of experience in executing mining operations and construction projects on an international scale, even under the most challenging circumstances. They have a presence in Peru, Colombia, and Spain.

Techking ETOT III tires are used in a copper mine situated in Southern Peru, demonstrating exceptional performance and effectively meeting the requirements of the end user.

The Challenge
  • End User's CPH Requirement
  • Severe Road Conditions
The Solution

Based on the data collected, Techking ETOT III demonstrated a superior CPH in both accumulated performance and projected performance. The projected CPH for Techking ETOT III is estimated to be 0.242, about 58% lower than the competitor tires. This significant difference could potentially lead to cost savings of approximately $962K per year.

To enhance customer satisfaction, the Techking team conducts monthly on-site visits and provides technical training every two months to ensure the optimal performance of our tires in operations.

The end user expresses great satisfaction with Techking's product performance and professional support, leading to Techking currently holding a 90% share among this end user.

The Future

By taking advantage of its localization strategy in Peru, Techking will consistently provide technical support to strengthen our close collaborative relationship with this end user.

Besides, Techking will upgrade more application-specific products to cater to a wider range of specialized requirements from customers in the Peruvian market.