Tyrexpo Asia 2023 Singapore, Techking is ready!
2023 - 03 - 071045

Tyrexpo ASIA 2023 is Coming back after 3 years of vacancy! To seize the opportunity and light up the brand in Southeast Asia, Techking sent an expert team to participate in the exhibition. Five types of tires that match the local market and working conditions will be showcased in the exhibition. We aim to bring application-specific tire solutions and more professional and worry-free service for all local end users.The five products include 445/95R25 ETCRANE, 295/80R22.5 TKST VII, 295/80R22.5 TKDH IV, 12.00R20 ETOD, and 215/75R17.5 TKST IV. Morgan, Techking’s Sales Director of Asia, said that the above tires are all application-specific products designed according to different working conditions, they have strong adaptability to the Southeast Asian market and have been highly recognized by our customers.

Taking 445/95R25 ETCRANE as an example, the tire has previously been equipped for Tadano Demag as original crane tires and served as a top-end user in Singapore for more than 10 years. The latest installation of ETCRANE tires for this customer was in 2016, according to their positive feedback, ETCRANE tires have excellent performance as premium brands.

Techking 12.00R20 ETOD is another hot product in the Southeast Asian market, especially in the Philippines and Malaysia. According to the customer's feedback, all 12.00R20 ETOD tires perform well under heavy load and muddy road conditions, without any bead cracking problems. The service life has reached 10 months, which is double compared with other Chinese competitors.

In addition, as a key part of Techking's localized channel and service layout, Techking's experts will explain the latest products and new service policies to local customers at this exhibition. It will help maximize Techking’s brand promises of application-specific and worry-free.

Due to the past three-year epidemic, the exhibition was forced to interrupt. This restart is expected to have much more visitors than before. Currently, Techking has sent out invitations to new and existing partners worldwide. Several key customers from Europe and Africa have already made appointments to talk with the team on-site, to get a glimpse of Techking tires and discover new opportunities.

Are you ready for the event? We are looking forward to seeing you at MBS Hall A, B, and C, Level 1, Booth F19, Marina Bay Sands Convention & Exhibition Centre, Singapore! Can't wait to see you all.


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