16.00R25 ET919 is Running Well in Indian Mine
2022 - 06 - 0990

Techking has a loyal Indian customer who trusts the Techking brand and our products for a long period. This customer has a mine site that uses SANY SKT90S wide-body dump trucks. From September 2021, this customer started to use 16.00R25 ET919 on one of these dump trucks. By September 2021, the average service life of these tires has exceeded 3000 hours, without any early failure feedback. Most of them have even tread wear.

ET919 tires have a 30% longer service life because of their special diamond holes added on the shoulders which can effectively improve heat dissipation and increase tire life for heat generation and long one-way distance application. In addition, the high temperature and the bad road condition give tires more challenges.

ET919 has a chunking and separation resistance performance, and with the utilization of high-quality imported carbon black, its heat-resistant performance is excellent. All these special designs have perfectly fit the requirements of the Indian customer.

So far, all SANY SKT90S wide-body dump trucks in the mine have been working with Techking 16.00R25 ET919 tires. Techking technical team will work closely with the customer and provide in-time service when needed.


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