A Productive Business Trip in Pakistan
2022 - 06 - 21321

Pakistan is one of the largest Techking truck tire markets in terms of sales. Its major cities are all covered by the selling network of Techking’s dealers. John Kwesi, Techking Sales manager, together with Khan Badshah, Techking Sales staff, have never stopped their way of business development.

This time, they started the business trip from Karachi, the capital city of Pakistan, then headed towards the north part of the country. Traveled over 3,000km, passed by 10 cities, and visited 22 customers and dealers, they listened to and collected lots of feedback from customers and dealers, both positive and negative side. Knowing the pain points helps us to improve or optimize the products and services. All the first-hand information they collected has been reported to Techking headquarters,

In addition to business trips, Techking has established a local Techking Service Center (TSC) in 2021 in Pakistan which keeps following the tire performance and providing in-time maintenance guide and on-site services to create more value for the end-user.

In 2022, we are confident of convincing more local customers with Techking proven quality products and services.


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