Valuable Services Provided by Techking Localization Team in DRC
2022 - 06 - 22135

By 2020, Techking starts to put forward its Three-Lever System: Localized marketing and service system” “Integrated product development system” and “Specialized service system”. Therefore, Techking staff are acting accordingly and taking action to implement this strategy no matter how many challenges we are confronted with.

On April 5, 2022, with the arrival of Mr. Binbin Dong in Lubumbashi, the localization team of DRC and Zambia finally meet each other at the headquarter. The next day of his arrival, the Techking localization team visited the biggest copper mine where Techking underground tires are widely used, such as 35/65R33 ETSM and 35/65R33 ETNT. In addition, 35/65R33 ETDL5 is also a popular choice in open-pit Mining for our customers.

Since December 2021, Techking engineer Leon has visited this mine twice. He is very glad to see that ETSM has been served for almost all LHD vehicles in the mine because of its excellent performance and competitive CPH. With brand-new tire rubber and reinforcement materials, ETSM provides more protection against cuts and wear, which is a suitable product and can help customers save the total tire cost.

When it comes to new products’ research and development, Techking technical team believes that the answer is on-site! They always spare no efforts to grasp every detail when they reach work on site. To collect more first-hand records of tire performance, the Techking DRC team checked the scraped tire area and took notes of each piece of information very carefully. When they found several scraped tires buried underground, they went to dig out the tire without any hesitation.

As promised, Techking always provides our local partner with comprehensive and beneficial after-sales services. For example, we provide tire maintenance training, tire application explanation, etc. If you have any specific requirements in Africa, feel free to reach our localization team!


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