Techking 23.5R25 PROADT Started its Test in Cement Plant in Angola
2022 - 08 - 3199

As Techking’s premium ADT tire, PROADT is highly recognized and widely mounted on DOOSAN DA30 and DA40 as standard tires from 2014. In June 2022, eleven pieces of Techking 23.5R25 PROADT are fitted on the DOOSAN DA30 articulated dump truck, then started its trial in one of the biggest cement plants in Angola.

While designing this product, our engineers knew that these tires will be used for severe road conditions, better protection for sidewall, and longer service life will highly match the market or customers’ requirements. Therefore, they had the following design ideas:

1.      We use a big block design for a bigger contact area from the top to the bottom after wearing. The arc groove design is useful to prevent groove cracks.

2.      We use an anti-crack sidewall compound to get a higher aging resistance performance and less sidewall crack.

Dating back to 2012, Techking started deep cultivation in Angola and obtained a good reputation in the country for a decade. Besides 23.5R25 PROADT, this customer uses also Techking OTR tires such as MATE-S L3 and MATE E3L3 for loaders and Techking TBR tires for material transportation. Thanks to the customer’s full trust, Techking has got already 60% tire sharing in this cement plant.

“We will share more detailed field data with you in the next few months. If these tires work well, we will continue to use them” the site manager said. Techking and our local partner will keep tracking the data of these tires and providing after-sales service to ensure that the tires can be used properly and efficiently, to save the total cost for the customer.


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