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-40℃ to 40℃ with Better Traction Performance

· Natural rubber raw materials for soft tread rubber at low temperature
· 4+5 block design
· All-season design with new "SNOWBEAR" compound

Longer Service Life

· 3D sipe design with better self-cleaning performance for mud and ice shedding
· Big block design with better wearing resistance performance

PatternSizeTRA CodeStar RatingRim Width
& Flange
Tread DepthLoad Index/
Speed Symbol
TypeStuffing Qty/40HQ
SNOWKING17.5R25E2/L2★★14.00-1.53528167 B/182 A2TL90
20.5R25E2/L2★★17.00-2.03931177 B/193 A2TL62
23.5R25E2/L2★★19.50-2.54334185 B/201 A2TL43

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