12.00R24 ETOT Case Study in Peruvian Mining Transportation Application The Topmost Performance of Safety, Longevity and Retreadability
The Background

Our end user, owning over 300 mining trucks, is one of the three largest mining contractors in Peru. Before using Techking 12.00R24 ETOT tires, he tried many others from both premium and Chinese brands. None of them meets his requirements because of either high prices or short tire life. In our communication, instead of focusing on back-and-forth price discussions, we first analyzed the end user’s working conditions and the failure reasons of tires of other brands. Based on the support of one-site data, we introduced 12.00R24 ETOT to him and were confident that this product would bring the most competitive CPH value and satisfactory retreadability. The actual performance results verified our expectations. 12.00R24 ETOT tires outperformed all other competitors on site.

The Challenge
  • The End User's CPH Requirements
  • Retreadability
The Solution

On the steer axles, 12.00R24 ETOT tires’ average life topped tires of all brands. On the drive ones, our average life almost doubled that of our premium competitor B.

In terms of retreadability, our end user can retread 12.00R24 ETOT tires at least twice. We also have two tires that have been retreaded for five times.

Besides, for safety purpose, our end user only use 12.00R24 ETOT and tires of premium brands on the steer axles of his trucks.

The Future

12.00R24 ETOT tires’ outstanding performance, high retreadability and stability deeply impressed our end user. So far, our end user has been using our tires for more than ten years. Over 70% of his trucks are now running with ETOT tires.

In the future, as the in-depth implementation of Techking’s localization strategy in Peru, we look forward to creating more value for our end users.