13R22.5 TKAM III Case Study in Cote D’Ivoire Transportation Application Excellent Tires and Professional On-site Services Bring a 17%↓ Lower CPH
The Background

The end user, who is using TECHKING 13R22.5 TKAM III tires, is a renowned French logistics company on the list of the Global 500 and meanwhile the biggest logistics company in Africa. As a big player, this company used to buy tires from a premium brand in the past but was unsatisfied with its CPH and the lack of on-site services.

The Challenge
  • High Tire Costs
  • Insufficient Air Pressure Management
The Solution

Techking 13R22.5 TKAM III has a semi-open shoulder design to provide better traction capacity. The variable pitch sequence design helps reduce noise and the arc groove design helps eject stones. 

Techking 13R22.5 TKAM III tires' average CPH is 17% lower than that made by tires from our premium competitor. The site can save millions of CFA for every 100 pcs of tires if they switch to Techking tires. To support our end user, Techking sent a service engineer to the site in May to provide professional on-site services and help improve the tire maintenance there. 

The Future

Our distributor will work closely with the Techking team and stay in contact with the end user to provide in-time deliveries and services when needed. The end user is also placing repeat orders. With excellent tire performance and satisfactory on-site services, our share will grow rapidly in the future.