18.00R25 ETSM in Zambian Underground Copper Mines Utmost Safety & Efficiency - Chose by 90%+ Zambian Underground Mines
The Background

Due to extreme severe road conditions, competitor tires used in below underground copper mines were confronted with tire explosion and short service life caused by tread punctures and sidewall cuts. Frequent tire changes greatly affect operational efficiency and push up maintenance costs.

TECHKING 18.00R25 ETSM tires have been serving these mines since 2018. Currently, over 90% of Zambian underground mines are choosing ETSM tires as their first replacement option because of their exceptional performance and competitive CPH. Together with the Techking team's after-sales services and on-site technical training, we are creating more and more value for our end users.

The Challenge
  • Extreme Severe Road Conditions
  • Flooded Roadway (up to 25cm)
  • Insufficient Air Pressure Management
The Solution

Customized Cut-resistant Compound helps minimize downtime due to cuts and punctures.

At Mine K, analyzing the tire life of different wheel positions, TECHKING 18.00R25 ETSM tire life reaches 87% of the record of premium brand GY and MI on both the front and rear axle.

At Mine R, without differentiating wheel positions, TECHKING 18.00R25 ETSM tire life reaches 91% of what is achieved by tires of premium brand GY. All Techking tires are completely worn out without any problems subject to production defects.

The Future

Techking sales representatives and engineers will keep discussing the possibility of on-site visits as the pandemic slows down and provide on-site tire maintenance training to end users.

Techking team is in the process of optimizing and testing its “Generation II” underground tires according to the working conditions of local underground mines so that tire performance and the total cost of ownership can be further improved.

Together with our local partner in Zambia, Techking is looking forward to providing more comprehensive after-sales services and creating more value to end users.