27.00R49 ET304 Case Study in South African Manganese Mine NO.1 Ranking in CPH – Techking Overwhelmed Tier-1 Competitors in South Africa
The Background

In this open-pit mine, covered by sharp hard rocks, the roads became a great challenge to tires used. There, tires are frequently cut and punctured on both the tread section and sidewalls.

To help the end user reduce operation costs and improve working efficiency, Techking recommended the most suitable product after deeply analyzing actual working conditions and collecting TKPH data of all tire brands. Besides, Techking’s local partner also organized its service team and provided tire maintenance training, especially in tire pressure management.

The Challenge
  • Severe road conditions
  • Insufficient air pressure management
The Solution

In this mine, the average final tire life of 27.00R49 ET304 reached 4618 hours, ranking the second following tier-1 brand M. This result is much longer than what was achieved by its counterpart from tier-1 brand B and brand GY.

In terms of CPH, 27.00R49 ET304 ranked first, about 4% lower than tires from brand M, 30% lower than brand GY and 40% lower than brand B.

Compared with tier-1 brands, 27.00R49 ET304 is the most cost-effective option. Techking tires can reduce the operation costs and meanwhile improve working efficiency for our end user to the greatest extent.

The Future

In the future, Techking will further enhance its process construction to assure the stable and fast delivery of giant OTR tires and work together with our local agent to provide in-time pre-sales and after-sales services to the end user.