14.00R25 ETOH Case Study in Pakistani Coal Mine Higher Wearing Performance & Minimized Downtime
The Background

As one of the prioritized projects of building the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), this coal mine has momentous meaning to the welfare of the people of both countries. 

According to the test, TECHKING 14.00R25 ETOH made a better performance on both total service life and downtime compared with its competitors. The end user also highly appreciated ETOH tires for the greatly increased operational efficiency and reduced total ownership of tires.

The Challenge
  • Long one-way distance
  • High surface temperature
  • Insufficient air pressure management
The Solution

So far, after wearing 32% of their original tread depth, Techking 14.00R25 ETOH tires have run for 49788km with even tread wear and zero early failures. 

In terms of wear rate, ETOH is on average 25% higher than its competitors tested at the same jobsite.

Techking 14.00R25 ETOH tires provide longer first tire life and fewer early failures. This helps end users reduce tire costs and improve operational efficiency.

The Future

Techking will keep following the tire performance and providing in-time maintenance guide and on-site services to create more value for the end user.

Appreciating ETOH’s exceptional performance, the mining dump truck manufacturer decides to 100% choose ETOH as their original equipment for this end user.

The end user also decides to choose only Techking tires for replacement in the future.