8.25R16 TK4L Case Study in Pakistani Transportation Application LONGER TIRE LIFE HIGHER TRANSPORTATION EFFICIENCY
The Background

Techking has won unanimous recognition in Pakistan's heavy truck market for its outstanding performance. In Pakistan's light truck market, the high loading requirement and complex road conditions challenge the tires' performance. 

Currently, according to end users, the tires of most brands cannot make satisfactory performance. Therefore, local end users are eager for more durable tires for light truck transportation Applications.

The Challenge
  • Complex Road Conditions
  • High Loading Requirement
The Solution

In Pakistan, high speed, long one-way distances, and tough road conditions require both better heat resistance and cut resistance performance at the same time. Longitudinal linear grooves of TK4L have lower heat build-up and better operation stability for long-distance & high-speed applications.

In terms of load capacity, the steel wire chafer of TK4L reinforces the tire bead and increases the load capacity. Besides, its ultra high-tensile steel wires enhance the bead and carcass, effectively improving the loading performance.

The average tire life of Techking 8.25R16 TK4L can reach 12 months, which is 150% of the average tire life of competitor brands. And the tire performance has also been unanimously recognized by local customers.

The Future

The local customers are very satisfied with the performance of 8.25R16 TK4L, which greatly improves the transportation efficiency and reduces the customer’s cost. And Techking team will continue to optimize the products according to the local working conditions and create greater value for customers.