29.5R25 PROADT Case Study in Australian Sand Quarry $105K AUD Saved Per Year! – Techking “Generation II” ADT Tyres Shine in Australia!
The Background

Our end user mentioned in this case study is a major supplier of mortar sand in the Sydney area. They manage two quarry sites and own a fleet of six ADTs in service and two more on order. In the past, the big majority of the tyres they use came from the premium brands. But these tyres neither met their requirements on service life nor the cost-per-hour. Thus, they expect a more competitive tyre solution.

With the tireless efforts made by our tyre experts at Techking Australia, we got a chance to start a test of 29.5R25 PROADT on the field. To guarantee that all tyres can perform well, our personnel visited the job site several times during the test to collect tyre data, provide technical training and give maintenance suggestions.

The Challenge
  • The End User Has No Time to Manage Tyres
  • Longer Service Life
The Solution

According to the data collected, Techking 29.5R25 PROADT tyres have a significantly lower CPH compared to premium competitor tyres. Our tyres also provide an average service life of 5416 hours, which is 46% longer than our tier-one counterpart worked on the same job site.

Thanks to the stunning performance and competitive price, a set of six Techking 29.5R25 PROADT tyres can save about $21,000 for our end user every year. The total cost reduction for a fleet of five ADTs can reach $105,000 annually.

Now, most of the end user's ADTs are running with our PROADT tyres.

The Future

In the next year, one more trial will be started on one of 2 newly ordered dump trucks, to make the same running with the tier-one competitors’ tyres. Techking Australia also plans to maintain close connections with this end user and cooperate with them to expand the usage proportion of PROADT and other tyres in their fleets.