Techking LHD Tires Case Study in Kazakhstan Gold Mine Up to 36% Longer Service Life than the Tier-One Competitor
The Background

The end user is a globally diversified gold producer with an annual production of over one million ounces. They possess a fleet of 19 trucks, which includes 7 LHD and 12 underground mining trucks. This end user manages a collection of 8 mines situated in Central Asia and Western Africa, and this gold mine, located in eastern Kazakhstan, is one of them. 

Prior to usingTechking's tires, the end user utilized tires from tier-one competitors, but they were dissatisfied with the product's performance. Therefore, they anticipate a more competitive tire solution.

The Challenge
  • Insufficient Inflation Pressure Management
  • Severe Road Conditions
The Solution

Techking's experts conducted regular tire maintenance training for the end user, which included a team of five personnel responsible for equipment and tire operation and management. The training was tailored to the specific conditions of the mine to ensure optimal tire performance. 

Techking's expertise helped resolve the end user's issues and confusion regarding tire usage and maintenance, such as managing tire inflation pressure. 

Consequently, the end user gained knowledge on the correct usage and maintenance of the tires, leading to the tires' optimal performance.

The Future

At present, Techking holds the top position as the primary tire supplier for this specific end user, encompassing over 50% of their total tire consumption. 

Moving forward, our two parties are dedicated to maintaining our robust partnership for the upcoming three to five years. Throughout this period, we will collaborate to amplify the end user's satisfaction by providing on-site service and training to ensure the full lifespan of Techking's tires. Specifically, our objective is to elevate the utilization rate to 70%, reaching the mutual benefit and win-win result between our two parties.