27.00R49 SUPER ROCK Case Study in Russian Iron Mine Application-specific Product Solution for More Competitive CPKM
The Background

Our customer is locally renowned and contracts several mines in Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Our main competitor is the tier-1 brand B. Tires of this brand can cover 70,000km on average for the first service life.

Techking designed an application-specific compound according to the extended one-way distance.

The Challenge
  • Severe road conditions
  • Extended one-way distance
The Solution

In this iron mine, the average final tire life of TECHKING 27.00R49 SUPER ROCK tires in the C1 compound reaches 55870km on average, about 80% of its competitor from Tier-1 brand B. This number is also about 20% higher than the guaranteed life requested by the end user.

As the extraction proceeds, the one-way distance of the jobsite prolongs as well. To cope with the increased heat generation due to longer transportation distance, Techking offered its application-specifically designed R1 compound to well balance the tires’ cut-resistant and heat dissipation performance.

The Future

The new batch of SUPER ROCK tires in the R1 compound is delivered to the jobsite and will further help the end user reduce the total cost of ownership.

Starting from the beginning of 2020, the contractor delivered 27.00R49 SUPER ROCK, 27.00R49 SUPER TRAC and 27.00R49 ET355 tires to several other mines in Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. All tires perform well and are without premature failures subject to production defects. Techking will keep following the results afterwards.

To create more value for the end user, Techking also decides to build a mechanism of updating its lead time every two weeks to assure timely delivery and visit jobsites more to fully understand the end user’s demands.