10.00R20 SUPER AM S Case Study in Indonesian Transportation Application RELIABLE & DURABLE
The Background

In Java, Indonesia, the road conditions are complex because of its hilly terrain. Most roads have many turns and steep slopes up and down. These road conditions challenge the tires' performance, especially when the trucks are heavy-loaded.

According to end-users, tires of most brands, including those from the tier-1 brands, cannot make satisfactory performance. Therefore, local end-users are eager for more reliable and durable tires.

The Challenge
  • Heavy Load
  • Complex Road Conditions
The Solution

According to the on-site situation, Techking has provided the tire solution of SUPER AM S which has the following characteristics:

1. + 8% bead design for better load capacity

2. + 10% bigger shoulder blocks effectively reduce uneven wear

3. Reinforced sidewall design gives it a better flex resistance performance

4. The 'wear indicator line' on tire shoulders make it more convenient to read remaining the tire life

The average tire life of Techking 10.00R20 SUPER AM S can reach 10 months, which is 125% of the average tire life of other brands. What’s more, 80% of Techking tires’ tread can be worn, only 50% or less than 50% for that of other brand tires.

The Future

The performance of 10.00R20 SUPER AM S has been unanimously recognized by local customers. A good relationship of close cooperation has been established as well. The Techking team is in the process of optimizing SUPER AM S according to the local working conditions so that the tire performance can be further improved.