8.25R20 TKAM VIII S Case Study in Bangladeshi Transportation Application 100% Longer Service Life than the Competitor
The Background

The end user is a prominent garment factory in Bangladesh, which primarily transports garments and garment accessories using overloaded light trucks. The most demanded tire sizes are 8.25R20 and 9.00R20.

Before using Techking tires, the end user used the bias tires from a competitor with early failure problems. The end user is seeking a new tire solution that can provide a service life exceeding 55,000km while delivering exceptional performance.

On 29 January 2023, 3 units of the 8.25R20 TKAM VIII S tires were mounted on a truck for testing. 

The Challenge
  • Complex Road Conditions
  • Harsh Braking on Tough Road
The Solution

According to the on-site data analysis, the projected average service life of Techking 8.25R20 TKAM VIII S tires is expected to be 83,000km. This exceeds the end user's expected service life of 55,000km.

Furthermore, Techking's TKAM VIII S tires have a service life that is 100% longer than that of the competitor's tires, and our tires showcase smooth tread wear.

The Techking team has made 6 visits to the end user to provide product training and technical support. The end user is highly satisfied with the exceptional performance of our tires and the professional service we provide.

Radial Tires vs. Bias Tires:

- Service Life: Techking radial tires have a longer average service life, resulting in reduced comprehensive usage costs.

- Tread Wear: Techking radial tires demonstrate smooth and even tread wear, significantly reducing vehicle downtime and minimizing tire consumption.

The Future

The end user is pleased with the performance of Techking tires and intends to place future orders. We are confident in strengthening our collaboration with this end user and expanding our market share locally.