Techking 12.00R20 ETOT: Transforming Laos Construction Project with Unparalleled Success!
2023 - 09 - 25671

Techking's 12.00R20 ETOT tires, which were supplied to the Laos construction project in March 2023, have been highly praised by our customer. Their exceptional performance and extended lifespan have made them a popular choice for this critical infrastructure project.

Techking representatives conducted a visit to the construction site in Laos in September 2023 with the purpose of obtaining valuable tire performance data and engaging with on-site personnel. The outcomes of their visit were remarkably impressive. Techking 12.00R20 ETOT tires demonstrated a remarkable cost per kilometer (CPKM) of 0.3 USD/KM, which is much lower than other brands utilized in the same application. Besides, all of Techking's tires exhibited smooth tread wear, further enhancing their performance. These exceptional statistics have garnered Techking's tires outstanding evaluations and ratings from our esteemed customer, resulting in Techking currently possessing 100% of the customer's internal market share.

Not only have Techking tires proven to be a cost-effective choice for the Laos construction project, but they have also minimized downtime and reduced tire replacement costs. This is a testament to the tire's superior quality and durability. In addition, Techking's engineering team thoroughly assessed the on-site conditions and collected tire usage data, which has contributed to further improvements in tire performance and increased customer satisfaction.

Techking tires consistently strive to provide superior tire solutions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers across various industries. We are grateful for the trust our customers place in our products, and we remain dedicated to delivering reliable tire solutions to customers worldwide.


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