26.5R25 PROLHD Case Study in Philippine Gold Mine +18% Total Service Life & +9% Tread Usage Rate Than Tier-One-Brand Tires
The Background

1. One of the Most Important Mining Projects in the Philippines

The scale of this mine will be enlarged 5 times by 2022.

2. Current Tire Supply from Tier-1 Brand B is Unstable

The end user demands a stable tire supplement to guarantee operational efficiency.

3. Unsatisfactory Performance of Bias Tires

Short tire life results in high CPH value.

4. High Premature Failure Rate

All tires used in this mine show high premature failure rates.

The Challenge
  • Severe Road Conditions
  • Flooded Roadway
  • Insufficient Inflation Pressure Management
The Solution

On 22 February 2022, Techking's service engineer visited the job site and completed the latest inspection report.11pcs of 26.5R25 PROLHD were confirmed scraped.

 Without differentiating wheel positions, the average tire life of these tires reached 1724 hours with a 59% average tread usage rate.

Compared with the results of tires from Tier-1 brand B, ours is about 18% higher in terms of tire life and 9% higher in tread usage rate.

Currently, another 11pcs of 26.5R25 PROLHD are still in service. With the new improvements on tires and our professional on-site services, their total performance can reach a greater extent.

The Future

Appreciating 26.5R25 PROLHD tires' excellent performance and Techking service engineer's dedicated follow-ups, the end user decides to give 50% of his annual tire demand to Techking, approximately 100pcs per year.

As a dedicated and professional tire solution provider, Techking never stopped the steps of innovation. This year, we will gradually launch the newly upgraded PROLHD tires in both small and big sizes. We are confident that they will deliver more value to our global underground end users.