26.5R25 PROLHD Case Study in Philippine Gold Mine Professional On-Site Services Create More Value for the End User
The Background

This underground gold mine is one of the most important mining projects in the Philippines. The scale of this mine will be enlarged 5 times by 2022.

Currently, the tire supplement of tier-1 brand B is unstable. So, the end user demands stable tire supplements to guarantee operational efficiency.

This end user also tried bias tires but the performance was unsatisfactory. The short tire life results in a high CPH value.

All tires used in this mine show high premature failure rates because of the lack of professional on-site services.

The Challenge
  • Severe road conditions
  • Flooded roadway
  • Insufficient inflation pressure management
The Solution

After several rounds of on-site visits, Techking engineers recognized that the end user's insufficient inflation pressure management is the main cause of their tires' high premature failure rates and uncompetitive CPH value. Therefore, Techking appointed one service engineer to stay at the jobsite to follow up and train the end user's technical team.

There, this Techking service engineer take below actions to help the end user improve tire management and reduce the total cost of ownership of tires –

Checking Tire Pressure Regularly

Techking service engineer checked the inflation pressure of each tire to avoid premature failures caused by insufficient inflation pressure and ensure our tires provided maximum performance.

Providing Necessary Tools

Techking provided batches of air pressure gauges, tread depth gauges, valves and O-rings that were missed at the job site to ensure that our tires are at their optimum pressure and performance thought their service life.

Training End User's Technical Team

Techking service engineer provided training in handling, storing, checking, mounting demounting and repairing tires. The optimized tire maintenance is also cost/time-saving for the local technical team.

Seeking Possibilities of Constant Improvements

Techking service engineer provided insights into the jobsite to help our R&D department further raise the performance levels of our underground tires and customize solutions for the end user.

According to data collected, without differentiating wheel positions, 26.5R25 PROLHD’s average final tire life hits 121% of its counterpart from the premium brand B. Moreover, PROLHD tires seldom have premature failures thanks to the perceptible improvement in on-site tire management.

The Future

Appreciating 26.5R25 PROLHD tires’ excellent performance and Techking service engineer’s dedicated follow-ups, the end user decides to expand the partnership with Techking. The new batch of 12pcs of 26.5R25 PROLHD will be shipped to the end user in early September.

On-site services are important to end users, especially those who have underground operations, to maximize tire performance and reduce the total cost of ownership. As the expansion of our service engineer team, Techking will be even closer to our end users and create more value for them by offering on-site services.